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Welcome to Feeast 2006! Whether the stunning Czech dance theatre piece Sclavi / The Song of the Emigrant whets your appetite or the Russian and Romanian visual treats such as Sir Vantes Donky Khot and the mischievous Mona Lisas, there’s bound to be something for you in the Feeast ’06 programme.

Our first commission - Soul-étude is a ‘must see’ performance. Czech installation artist, Petr Nikl is let loose to create a spree of magic and trickery to the music of The Balanescu Quartet. Caution - it all takes place in the derelict Old Abattoir where all your senses will be challenged!

For all the performing arts practitioners in the UK and beyond, we have created CEEPAM - The Central and Eastern European Performing Arts Market. This is the first event of its kind in the UK. I encourage all art practitioners to sign up.

Feeast's second year sees a big step forward from last year’s festival, and I am excited that we have been able to bring together such a rich variety of artistic flavours from theatre, dance and music to film and photo exhibitions.

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