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Theatro Technis
7 – 8 February - 20:00
9 February - 19:00

A play by Daniil Kharms
Directed and written by Fedor Pavlov–Andreevich
Set design: Katya Bochavar, Costume Design: Andrei Bartenev, Choreography: Dina Hussein,
Music: Anton Sevidov, Lighting: Ivan Vinogradov, Sound: Vladimir Klykov, Video: Patrick K.H.

Theatro Technis
26 Crowndale Road
London NW1 1TT
(Tube: Mornington Crescent)
For tickets and information:
020 73876617 / 0794 2323225 /
Tickets: 10/7 pounds

Elizaveta Bam prefigures the atmosphere of Kafka’s short stories and Ionesco’s theatre of the absurd. It tells the story of a woman arrested for a murder not yet committed, mixing slapstick with pantomime and horror with humor. Written in 1929, the play was a harbinger to Stalin’s repressions that took the lives of 40 million people.

The current production of Elizaveta Bam premiered in Moscow in July 2006. A riveting piece of theatre with innovative costume, set, and light design, Elizaveta Bam exposes the avant-garde roots of contemporary Russian culture. The play is an unprecedented result of a collaboration between talented artists whose average age is only twenty-five.

Elizaveta Bam will be presented as a three-night engagement in London on 7-9 February 2008 at Theatro Technis. The production is part of Russian ACT No.4; it takes place in conjunction with the opening of Alexander Rodchenko’s retrospective at The Hayward.